Why Quality Assurance Is So Important In The Cannabis Industry

Published On: August 23, 2019

The cannabis industry has continued to grow with an increase in both medical and recreational users. With legalization, we see higher amounts of patients being prescribed cannabis to help them deal with mental and physical illnesses. We also see a reduction in stigma as more people are able to purchase what is now considered to be a “legal” plant. This increase in use is great for the industry but also ensures a need for Quality Assurance.

According to Analytical Cannabis, the global market is expected to reach $146.4 billion by 2025. 

In order for users (both medical and recreational) to feel safe in obtaining cannabis, they need to know that the product dosage is as labelled. This means, like other pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis must undergo rigorous testing to ensure it is fit for human consumption. 

From a medical perspective, we need to make sure the patient gets the correct dosage of THC and/or CBD each time they pick up their prescriptions. 

Aside from potency of THC and CBD, quality assurance means complying with standards for pesticides, disease resistance, sanitation and more. 

Quality Assurance testing is done by various laboratory tests including Gas Chromatography (GC). GC enables potency testing, pesticide screening, residual solvent analysis and profiling of terpenes. Knowing the ratio of THC:CBD is a must for anyone looking to use cannabis as a way to heal from medical issues.

Being a new industry, using quality assurance is a way to gain trust from your customers. Quality Assurance helps to keep everyone safe, while continuing to reduce the stigma around cannabis. 

Throughout the cannabis industry there is currently a shortage in individuals who are qualified to work in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Many companies are on the lookout for individuals with strong science backgrounds and who have received training in the Quality Assurance and Quality Control areas.

If you’re interested in learning more about achieving a Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance diploma click here.

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