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  • Alpesh Patel

    Quality Assurance Specialist

    “I am from the food industry. After this training, I have in-depth knowledge and the information needed for [a career in the] Cannabis Industry. I feel like I have been fulfilled with knowledge and understanding of the regulations, responsibilities I can bring to my work to deal with challenges. All is well.”

  • Olivia Brown CNHP, RRPR

    CEO - Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc.

    “I am absolutely honored to have been under your study. You have shown me what a graceful, knowledgeable, highly educated woman in a leadership role acts like. I cannot wait to continue my education with your business. Your integrity and the fact that you risked your reputation and career to help improve and set standards for the cannabis industry is astounding. Thank you”

  • Chandresh Vyas

    Quality Assurance Manager

    “I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and I was looking for a career change in the cannabis industry. Excellent QA training and I appreciate the insightfulness of the requirements. Thank you, instructors, for sharing your “life experience” in the pharma/GMP/cannabis field. I truly admire your professionalism. Right after the completion of the QA training, I landed in a QA lead role in a leading cannabis company”

  • Khalil Thompson

    Quality Assurance Manager Manufacturing and Packaging - Apotex Canada

    I was an MSc graduate from UOIT when I first came across NACPT while searching the internet for post graduate courses in the pharmaceutical industry. I was intrigued by the Career Orientation Seminar which they were providing and decided to attend. The decision to attend this seminar changed my life. After meeting the staff and professors at NACPT I knew that this was an opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain essential information about the pharmaceutical industry. From the moment I arrived at NACPT as a new student I knew this college was different due to the individualized attention given to each student, the wealth of industry knowledge each professor provided and professionalism of the learning environment. The staff and professors were always welcoming and accommodating to my schedule as I was commuting from Kitchener. After graduating and participating in the NACPT Job Development Program, which helped me update my resume and interview skills, I was presented with many more job opportunities for employment. I would recommend this college to anyone looking to gain current and relevant skills training within the pharmaceutical industry. NACPT is truly a one of a kind learning environment.

  • Lorrein Muiruri

    Clinical research Assistant - Inflamax Research Inc.

    I was a fresh UofT graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Science. I came across NACPT at the University career fair. I was not sure what Clinical Research was all about but with more understanding I joined the program. I thank God I enrolled into Clinical Research under the guidance of NACPT's director and all the qualified instructors. Every one of them was so supportive both in academics and career paths. An additional unique advantage at NACPT was that the classes were intimate and hence easy to relate to each other as students and more to our instructors. NACPT continues to give career support and advice after graduation. They assisted fixing my resume and even provided short term co-op positions. Less than 1 year later I got hired in the field as a Clinical Research Assistant. I believe that this is just a stepping stone into higher positions. I trust that NACPT will be a great support in my career ahead. Thank you NACPT!

  • Sanjida Ahmed

    Director, Strategic Planning and Business Development /Program Director - Validation Tech Inc.

    The course/training that I completed in NACPT was a post graduate diploma in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Clinical Research. Fortunately I was offered a position by company Validation Tech Inc. before completing my course. The training was very inspirational, energizing bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice oriented. The other trainees were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I found the course very useful and hopefully be able to put some of it into practice.

  • Pradha Muruganathan

    Advanced Technician Downstream - Sanofi Pasteur

    It is with great pride that I draft this letter of appreciation to North American Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) in acknowledgement of their immense support and guidance from the onset of my training phase to my entry into the pharmaceutical industry. During 2012, I had enrolled in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Clinical Research, one of the Post-Degree Diplomas offered at NACPT. The program was designed exceptionally well to accommodate academic teaching with hands-on training experiences, through which I had enriched my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and all the regulatory bodies that govern it. Each class was conducted by industrial experts who brought interesting insights into current and best practices within the industry. Apart from the quality - hands on training I had attained, NACPT had also helped me get a government grant in support of my work term, and also supplemented with a scholarship of $ 3000. I have also had the opportunity to work at NACPT as a Program Coordinator (co-op position), which allowed me to further strengthen my leadership and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, NACPT had set itself apart by building partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies and inviting them for on-campus hiring. It was truly a great experience and one of the greatest rewards was the number of job opportunities that had come my way upon completion of the program. Last but not the least, NACPT helped me to build confidence and prepared me thoroughly for all the interviews I had to face! As I begin a new journey within the pharmaceutical industry, I will cherish each memorable moment at NACPT for a lifetime! My hearty thanks to the dean of the department and all the instructors once again for all that you have done to help me begin a new chapter in my life

  • Suraj Vijayaraj

    Merchandiser - Shoppers Drug Mart

    The college management helped me in acquiring a job. With the help of NACPT instructors, whose reference was much needed in the process. It helped me a lot in the long run as an international student to establish myself socially and professionally.

  • Amanda D'Souza

    Report Writer - Pharma Medica Research Inc

    I am very proud to be a student at NACPT and to be given an opportunity to write this testimonial while still completing my program. I first came across NACPT at a career college fair while attending university. In my last year of completing B.Sc, I obtained early acceptance to NACPT with a scholarship. This school stood out to me because of the many types of programs they offered which cover multiple areas of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to fast-track, hands-on training, I was able to connect with industry professionals who effectively guided me on my career path. With the tools support and interview preparation NACPT provided me with, I was able to obtain a full-time position with a established CRO half-way through program completion I highly recommend this program to anyone that needs industry based knowledge in working in the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, especially recent graduates and international students who need Canadian experience. NACPT is a school that puts its students first and prioritizes helping every student succeed in whatever career they choose to pursue within this industry.

  • Owen Mitchell from Sevenleaf.ca

    Quality Assurance Associate

    “Helped reinforce concepts and helped me to visualize. It gave me a better idea of what to expect in the Cannabis Industry.”

  • Siva Babu Jonnalagadda

    Volunteer - Milner Health Care

    Perfect place for study under the supervision of the director, her dedication in helping students with great knowledge and with excellent industrial networks are reaping success stories of NACPT students.. Wish this institute would help as many students as possible with their experienced staff, who are current professionals from Pharma industries. The director and her associates are fantastic and really helps students in difficult times.. Feeling happy for being student here.

  • Carlos Argon

    Specialist in Process and Products (consultant, PhD)

    NACPT was the key to connecting my educational and professional background with the Pharmaceutical environment in Toronto. Specific details concerning professional training, documentation, regulations and hands-on techniques like HPLC and GC, were determinant to find a job. Absolutely yes, I recommend any professional newcomer in Toronto interested in Pharmaceutical jobs to join NACPT. My current position in Sanofi Pasteur is thanks to all that NACPT contributed to my professional formation. Year 2015

  • Perihan Abdel Meguid

    QA Document Auditor

    Extremely helpful staff with a great family like atmosphere! Staff and classes are extremely accommodating for individuals and everyone is always willing to help. Courses are very informative given by industrial experts who give you an idea of what's the latest in the industry. After completion of the course, the staffs continue with their never ending support and do their best to help prepare you for the interviews, and help with resume and cover letter writing. Overall I had an excellent experience at NACPT and would recommend it for anyone looking for a career change. Year 2016 

  • Sanket Phadke

    Advanced Technician Upstream

    I would recommend this program to my friends! It is very good for international students. NACPT helped me to prepare my resume and during my job application process. The program which I enrolled in NACPT is really amazing to go into the pharmaceutical field. All the instructors are highly qualified and are knowledgeable. Last but not least my dean is the most amazing person I ever met here in Canada. Thank you for all your help. Year 2015

  • Najib Warsi

    Independent Consultant

    I have found NACPT very professional and a college that meets the current industry requirements and standards. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are from the industry. The unique thing about NACPT is that it provides instruction and training that is applicable to practical life. I will definitely recommend NACPT to anyone who wants to upgrade and enhance their quest for knowledge. Year 2016

  • Suba Sivapiragasam

    Packaging Analyst

    NACPT has programs which will give broad knowledge in the pharmaceutical and related industry. I will recommend others to take this course to move up in their career. Year 2014

  • Jayahare Thanaruban

    Packaging Associate

    If you follow this program, it’s really worth it, because we get full knowledge of pharmaceutical industry technical words and procedures. You will shine in your interviews , especially GMP and GDP. I got the information about the NACPT in job fair. My background is food chemistry, so, I learned lot of information in here, especially pharmaceutical technical words and analysis. Laboratory practices more important in Pharma industry, but we got lot valuable information from here because, my dean is very friendly with helping mentality. So students, if you choose this institution, you will have a bright future. Year 2014

  • Sanjay Panchal

    AQPIC (Alternate Qualified Person in Charge)

    I gained enough knowledge about quality control and quality assurance by joining NACPT. NACPT also helped me to find a job in the industry. They help students by posting different jobs every month, and they prepare students for interviews. Year 2015

  • Vidya Sampath

    QC Technician

    The NACPT environment is enriching. They will help you gain the hands on experience of analyzers, knowledge based education and up-to-date market and company industry requirements; and appropriate and ready to share and help. Year 2014

  • Mohammed Siddiqui

    Production Associate

    I got outstanding attention from NACPT. They are outstanding in helping students search for jobs, prepare a resume and interviews, personality development, etc. Teaching staff and administrative staff are friendly and very flexible. Year 2017



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