Puvi Veerasingam

B.Sc., Chemistry

Mr.Puvi Veerasingam is currently the Director, Argus Laboratory, Toronto. He worked as a Senior Research Scientist in PDS AD Laboratory Patheon Inc, Senior Analyst in AD Laboratory, Novertis Pharmaceuticals Inc and QC Laboratory, Genpharm Inc. Mr. Veerasingam has wide spread experience in Development and Validation of HPLC, GC, UV based assays, stability, CU, Dissolution methods etc. His hands-on experience of HPLC, GC, Dissolution Apparatus, UV, Florescence Spectrometry etc made her confident enough to start and operate Argus Laboratory independently. Mr. Veerasingam completed B.Sc. from University of Ceylon and later acquired certificates in Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology, GC-MS Measurement Technique, Advanced Toxicity and Hazard Measurement Technique and Environmental Pollution Control and Measurement Technique.