Carlos Aragon

PhD, Biotechnology, M.Sc., Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Carlos Aragon is a Manager Specialist in Process and Products in a Bio-Pharmaceutical company , in Toronto. He has 15 years of experience working in research laboratory, pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry; research & development and Quality Control achieving results, improving new techniques, procedures and products with advance scientific knowledge.

He has strong understanding and knowledge in analytical method development such as Bioreactors fermentation processes, Chromatographic Procedures focus on HPLC, FPLC, and UPLC. He also possesses good knowledge of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s), for labs and knowledge of FDA, TPD and ICH requirements. Dr. Aragon is a Biochemist who completed a PhD in Biotechnology from University of Lisbon, Portugal and was associated with University of Lisbon (Portugal) and University of Ciego de Avila (Cuba) as Researcher and Supervisor.