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The Ontario Government has designed the Second Career program to assist unemployed workers attending long-term training, which will help them make a new direction to the economy’s trending areas. The Ontario Government will provide tuition, living expenses, and transportation for the qualified candidate. Many students utilize the second career grant to cover the full or partial payments of their program. NACPT provides additional support to all potential students in the second career application process.


Eligibility Criteria


The second career strategy will either wrap some or the entire expense of the qualified people. To make sure that you qualify for second career aid or any other government funding, visit an Employment Ontario assessment center for an assessment interview.

There are certain norms delivered by the Ontario Government for candidates opting for a second career. They are listed below.


  1. 1. Eligible individuals are those who have been laid-off on or after January 1, 2005 – including Employment Insurance (EI) active claimants, EI “reach backs,” and non-EI-eligible individuals – who require skills training for employment in-demand occupations in Ontario.
  2. 2. “A Laid-off worker” is an individual who has been laid off on or after January 1, 2005, including someone who:


  • ● Who are still unemployed
  • ● Who has taken one or more interim jobs but still unemployed
  • ● Who has taken one or more interim jobs and currently employed in it
  • ● Who is receiving a salary continuance (Salary continuance is a payment from the company to the laid-off workers for a designated period of time along with some or all benefits of them)
  • ● Who is on severance payment (Severance payment is the compensation paid to the laid-off workers because of their job loss and related benefits)


Reliable Programs


The second career program training is different for EI claimants/ EI Reach backs and non-EI Eligible Individuals.


  • ● For an Employment Insurance (EI) active claimants / reach backs a skill training between six months and two years will be given for National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level B and equivalent occupations in demand within Ontario. Also, up to one year of academic upgrading training will be provided as a prerequisite for skill training, if necessary.


  • For Non-Employment Insurance (EI) eligible individuals a skill training of any certain duration up to two years will be given either for NOC skill level B or equivalent occupations in demand within Ontario. Also, up to one year of academic upgrading training will be provided as a prerequisite for skill training, if necessary.

    The list of NACPT programs (with codes) belonging to NOC level B:

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Related Sectors:

  • ● 2221 – Bio Technicians / Technologists
  • ● 2263 – Health Inspectors
  • ● 2243 – Industrial Instrument Technicians
  • ● 9511 – Machining Tool Operators
  • ● 2283 – Information System Testing Technicians 
  • ● 1243 – Medical Administrative Assistants

Cannabis Sector:


  • ● 2121 (Production Tec) – Extraction Specialist – Cannabis
  • ● 2211 (Quality Tec) – Quality Control Technician – Cannabis
  • ● 2225 (Production Tec) – Cloning Technician – Cannabis
  • ● 2225 (Production Tec) – Cultivation Technician
  • ● 8255 (Production Tec) – Section Grower – Cannabis


Finance Sector:


  • ● Accounting and related clerks (1431)
  • ● Banking, insurance and other financial clerks (1434)
  • ● Financial auditors and accountants (1111)
  • ● Payroll clerks (1432)


Business Sector:


NOC 2011 –  Business Analysis 


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To know more about the Ontario Government’s second career funding and the application process, please do visit the official website at


Counselling Service


NACPT conducts our own second career information session, designed to provide the candidates with all information regarding the course and second career application. A comprehensive service is delivered by our counselling service team to help you achieve your skill-training goals.

We also offer information and advice related to our second career programs and pathways, admission requirements, academic upgrading, language training, applicant supports, as well as referrals to foreign credential assessment and recognition services, career advising services, and community resources.  

You can also visit an advisor at the North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology. Our offices are open from Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) and on Saturdays (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). 

We suggest that you make an appointment with an advisor before planning a trip to our campus. Drop-in visits are subject according to advisor availability.

For more information and updates, please contact us through call at (416) 412-7374/ or e-mail to

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