Quality Assurance for Cannabis




Course Fee : $3900

Quality Assurance Cannabis Certificate Training NACPT Pharma College Mississauga Canada

Duration : 5 Days

Time : 9 AM – 5 PM

Quality Assurance Cannabis Certificate Program Overview

The Cannabis Quality Assurance for Cannabis certificate training program provides you with the technical knowledge and skills for assuring that each cannabis product is safe and suitable for sale or to be provided under the Cannabis Regulations Act. NACPT Quality Assurance for Cannabis training is recognized by the industry leaders and acceptable by regulatory agencies across Canada, North America and at the international level.
Quality Assurance for Cannabis certificate training will allow you to develop good production practices, quality assurance and quality management systems (QMS), record keeping, complaint and recall programs as well as implement written procedures for the approval or rejection of all products, specifications, representative sampling plans, test methods, controls and results that affect the purity, quality and composition of the cannabis product. You will find this most useful in their future roles as Quality Assurance Person (QAP), Responsible Person (RP),Master Growers,Quality Assurance Manager, Qualified Person in Charge (QPIC), Quality Control Analyst, Technical Writer, Technicians,Technologists in the cannabis or related industries.
Attendees can interact with the class and lead trainers and get more clarifications on your questions and concerns.

Essential Parts of Cannabis Quality Assurance System – Training Courses:

Quality Assurance Cannabis Certificate Program Outcomes

  • Review of Cannabis Regulations Act for various applications and licensing processes
  • Meet Health Canada’s requirements of the Quality Assurance Person (QAP) and Quality Control (QC) Analyst in the Cannabis Industry
  • Apply GxP (GPP, Eu-GMP, GACP, HACCP, GDP, GVP, GEP, GLP, PCP and related good practices) system within the company
  • Understand and implement all necessary Quality Assurance Systems
  • Establish quality management systems and risk management within cannabis companies for better performance
  • Design self-inspection and regulatory inspection methods for cannabis operation
  • Develop current QA practices in cannabis companies
  • Review and approve CofAs
  • Develop cannabis technical procedures
  • Will have clear instructions and idea of QAP roles, QA and QMS systems and all regulatory requirements protocols

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to learn about cannabis quality assurance systems
  • Quality Assurance Person (QAP)
  • Qualified Person in Charge (QPIC)
  • Processing Facility Manager
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Master Grower (MG)
  • Responsible Person (RP)
  • Students & Graduates
  • Laid-off professionals
  • WISB, Second Career and OW clients

Individual Cannabis Certificates

  • An Overview of Cannabis Regulations Act
  • Cannabis Quality Control: Testing Requirements
  • Complaints, Recalls and Record-Keeping for Cannabis
  • Technical Writing, Audit and Inspection for Cannabis
  • An Overview of Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production

An overall Cannabis Certificate

  • Quality Assurance for Cannabis

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