Pharma Quality



The Quality Assurance department is responsible for assuring the quality of pharmaceutical and biological drugs before it is available for sale, investigating complaints received about the quality of the pharmaceutical and biological drugs, and taking corrective action. 


NACPT offers four webinars on the topic of Pharma Quality namely Quality Management System, Technical Writing, Quality Assurance, Audit & Inspection. The webinar on pharmaceutical auditor training focuses on a full range of audit preparation modules. The webinar on  Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance training focuses on the concept of quality assurance and the contributions of quality assurance in a pharmaceutical organization. The webinar on pharmaceutical technical writing provides a step-by-step guide to all aspects of technical writing skills. The webinar on pharma quality management systems course focuses on various subjects such as different types of quality management systems, Principles of Quality Management, ISO Standards, CAPA management, Policy management, Internal audit.


Aspirants who want to become Internal auditors, QA people, technical writers should attend the webinars on the subject of Pharma Quality.




Scope of employment


  • Students can avail the following job opportunities after attending these four webinars on the Pharma Quality topic:
  • Internal auditors
  • QA person
  • Technical writers


Webinar outcomes


  • A thorough knowledge base and skill set is developed in the Pharma Quality area after attending these webinars.

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