Transfer Students – Pathway Programs

Pathways allow students with prior post-secondary education to continue or further develop their education at NACPT. Students may be eligible for a pathway program into NACPT from another post-secondary institution.

  1. What is Pathway Programs? Pathway programs let students to move between schools. It is when previous program you completed at one institution is recognized at another, so that you do not have to repeat courses/training you have already completed. Potential benefits of transferring credits can include: Saving Money, Saving Time & Saving Efforts
  2. Program Transfer: If you have graduated or planning to graduate from a program, perform searches to see if you can apply your studies toward your next program
  3. We have the following pathway options: High Students to Diploma/Certificate Training or College/Universities Students to Post-graduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Training
  4. Exchange Opportunities: If you are a student who is currently attending one of NACPT’s exchange partner institutions, you can come to NACPT as an exchange student. As an exchange student, you will: study at NACPT for one or two semesters, begin your studies in September, January or May, take courses from a wide range of engaging programs, instructed in English and get academic credit towards your credential at your home institution
  5. Pathway Opportunities: As a student at one of our partner institutions, you may qualify to further your studies and earn a NACPT credential through a pathway. As a pathway student, you will: begin your studies in September, January or May, receive credits for courses completed at your previous institution and earn a NACPT credential in a shorter period of time
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