• How to become a Cannabis master grower in Canada

    What does it take to be a Master Grower? A master grower is someone who is knowledgeable in cannabis plant science and has the skills and experience to be able to grow at an industrial scale. For many, becoming a Master Grower is a dream career. One that, since legalization, has become extremely in demand.

    A Master Grower needs to understand both the plants and the environment they live in. They need to have the ability to control heat, light, wind, water, and soil conditions from day one. Due to this, indoor and outdoor growing will require different methods. For many of us, with a new green thumb, growing cannabis can seem overwhelming. Controlling each aspect of the environment and understanding the plant biology will help to ensure you are growing high-quality cannabis.

    There are benefits to growing cannabis both indoor and outdoor. When you grow indoors, you have the ability to grow almost anywhere– even in a small apartment. You’ll have more protection, privacy and control to grow indoors as well. You won’t need to worry about judgmental neighbours and you won’t be tied to the cycle of the sun. Growing outdoors, on the other hand, is more environmentally friendly, lower cost and you can let your plants grow as big as you’d like.

    Whether you’re looking to grow for as a career or for your own personal use or starting a cultivation business, becoming a Master Grower is a skill that will last a lifetime. In order to help those interested learn to grow, we’ve come up with an intensive two-day Master Grower Practice certificate training. The contents of this program include the Cannabis Act and Regulations, seeds and seedlings, light cycles, plant nutrition, containers and soil, equipment, pest and many other production concepts at the micro and standard level.  This Master Grower Practice training is provided by a leading career college approved by Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and taught by cannabis industry experts.

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