NACPT has two campuses with multiple training facilities that are equipped with standardized testing and training laboratories in order to expose students to a hands-on skill training environment. Students work independently and are given the opportunity to work directly with materials and equipment, as well as to run various experiments and pharmaceutical and cannabis tests. Each of the facilities is dedicated to a particular domain:

  1. Pharmaceutical Laboratory: Fully equipped for students to perform tests on pharmaceutical raw material, in-process material, and finished products.
  2. Cannabis Laboratory: Fully equipped for students to perform tests on cannabis raw material, in-process material, and finished products. Labs include sample preparation station, wet chemistry testing station, physical chemistry testing station, HPLC, GC, Dissolution, and other major and minor laboratory instruments.
  3. Research and Development Laboratory: Fully equipped to perform Research and Development for Pharmaceutical, Cannabis, Cannabis-Infused products, and NHP products.
  4. Cannabis Production Training Facility: The facility is set-up in a way that cannabis production students can practice and get an appropriate level of experience with production techniques.
  5. Training Rooms: NACPT facility has multiple modern training rooms equipped with comfortable seating, projector, interactive TV screen, and smart board and refreshment areas in each campus. These rooms are generally used for lectures, corporate training, meetings, and student discussions.


NACPT developed a facility where industrial cannabis production technology students can practice with production techniques and infused/edible product developmental processes.



Award-Winning Institution as the “Best Cultivation Educator” amongst seven leading cannabis education providers across North America.

Awarded by Cannabis Industry Leaders.