Job Development



NACPT conducts a unique job/development program for our students, which is optional and for free. The program will be led and delivered by our team of expert faculties to equip the students with all the potentials required in the industry. In this program, the highlighted feature is that the graduates will get an opportunity to work with a career coach on a one-to-one basis. This methodology, followed by NACPT, will significantly help students obtain maximum job opportunities in various sectors. 


Every NACPT program implements hands-on training for the students during the training sessions. As part of the job development program, NACPT graduates will also get access to network with industry experts, career coaches, employment centers through workshops, alumni events, and guest speaker sessions from the industry.

Program details


Several sets of skill training will be rendered to the students in this program. Students will acquire the prospects to get into a better company. The program modules include:


          ● One on one skill development process

          ● Resume development for target jobs

          ● Job application process within industries

          ● Focus on the hidden job market

          ● Interview Coaching

          ● Reference for qualified candidates

          ● Mentoring Service

Program outcomes


Students of NACPT will gain enormous benefits from the job/development program. The students attending this program


          ● Will have a clear career plan for their future

          ● Will be able to face interview with confidence

          ● Will have industrial knowledge regarding various fields

          ● Will be able to perform career research

          ● Produce appropriate resume for their background

          ● Connect with industrial experts/ companies

          ● Access to the hidden job market

          ● Be able to make a swift transition to target industry

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