Rathi Param, President and Dean. B.Sc., Post Grad Cert., in Pharma QA & QC (MBA/TECH)

NACPT Pharma College welcomes you to join us at our world-leading healthcare, cannabis, business and technology Career College where we operate with high standards of quality education and advanced skill training.

When you choose NACPT, you choose to engage in a modern pharmaceutical and bio-technology that goes above and beyond the pharmaceutical and bio-technology standards and requirements. Combination services with Validationtech Inc., NACPT took innovative paths to provide best career hands-on training for our clients.

When you select NACPT for your technology-driven career education, you are choosing to engage in modern practices that go above and beyond cannabis industry standards and requirements. NACPT also helps to transition traditional holistic practices to meet Canadian regulatory requirements. In combining our services with industry leaders, we provide exceptional hands-on training for our students.

Through partnerships with healthcare and business sectors, cannabis, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, information technology and medical device companies, (which include research & development laboratories, colleges and universities) NACPT is well poised in providing the most sought after and effective training for its patrons. Our innovative expert team is committed to ensuring that our NACPT graduates are equipped with sound skills and the knowledge needed to excel in the workplace as industry professionals. The bottom line is to continue to improve our trainee’s experience, support their goals and continue to surpass Canadian regulatory requirements and industry standards!

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Award-Winning Institution as the “Best Cultivation Educator” amongst seven leading cannabis education providers across North America.

Awarded by Cannabis Industry Leaders.