PG DIPLOMA -52 Weeks



This comprehensive postgraduate diploma program has been developed to meet the skill requirements for effectively performing duties in clinical research studies and for those who want to upgrade existing skills or obtain new skills. Each area of the study will be covered in an in-depth manner for healthcare, pharmaceutical, cannabis and related sectors.

Regulatory affairs clinical science pharmacovigilence clinical trial monitoring audits and inspections ethics & human protection.

Duration: 52 weeks   

  • Optional Job Assistance for co-op, internship and full-time opportunities within pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical and related sectors

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Any Degree or Diploma/ Equivalent

  • Clinical Science
  • Introduction to Clinical Studies (GCP)
  • Regulations and Standards in Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research in Medical Device
  • Ethics and human protection
  • Development of Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Development of SOP
  • Preparing and Hosting Audits and Inspections
  • Good Documentation Practices
  • Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics
  • Principles and Practices in Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Regulatory Affairs I
  • Clinical Regulatory Affairs II
  • Electronic Records and Computer Validation
  • Project Management I
  • Project Management II
  • Privacy

  • Clinical Research Assistants
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Project Managers
  • Principal Investigators

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  • Sanjida Ahmed

    Director, Strategic Planning and Business Development /Program Director - Validation Tech Inc.

    The course/training that I completed in NACPT was a post graduate diploma in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Clinical Research. Fortunately I was offered a position by company Validation Tech Inc. before completing my course. The training was very inspirational, energizing bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice oriented. The other trainees were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I found the course very useful and hopefully be able to put some of it into practice.

  • Lorrein Muiruri

    Clinical research Assistant - Inflamax Research Inc.

    I was a fresh UofT graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Science. I came across NACPT at the University career fair. I was not sure what Clinical Research was all about but with more understanding I joined the program. I thank God I enrolled into Clinical Research under the guidance of NACPT's director and all the qualified instructors. Every one of them was so supportive both in academics and career paths. An additional unique advantage at NACPT was that the classes were intimate and hence easy to relate to each other as students and more to our instructors. NACPT continues to give career support and advice after graduation. They assisted fixing my resume and even provided short term co-op positions. Less than 1 year later I got hired in the field as a Clinical Research Assistant. I believe that this is just a stepping stone into higher positions. I trust that NACPT will be a great support in my career ahead. Thank you NACPT!

  • Khalil Thompson

    Quality Assurance Manager Manufacturing and Packaging - Apotex Canada

    I was an MSc graduate from UOIT when I first came across NACPT while searching the internet for post graduate courses in the pharmaceutical industry. I was intrigued by the Career Orientation Seminar which they were providing and decided to attend. The decision to attend this seminar changed my life. After meeting the staff and professors at NACPT I knew that this was an opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain essential information about the pharmaceutical industry. From the moment I arrived at NACPT as a new student I knew this college was different due to the individualized attention given to each student, the wealth of industry knowledge each professor provided and professionalism of the learning environment. The staff and professors were always welcoming and accommodating to my schedule as I was commuting from Kitchener. After graduating and participating in the NACPT Job Development Program, which helped me update my resume and interview skills, I was presented with many more job opportunities for employment. I would recommend this college to anyone looking to gain current and relevant skills training within the pharmaceutical industry. NACPT is truly a one of a kind learning environment.