Number of European countries have legalized or decriminalized the medical use of cannabis up to certain extend. There is an unavoidable need for the cannabis industry to implement strict regulatory controls on the production of cannabis products. Therefore, it is very important for LPs to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the cannabis sectors. The desire for global trade in cannabis will drive the regulatory compliance alignment to GMP in the future.

  • Health Canada GMP
  • FDA cGMP
  • EU and the application of GMP
  • GMP communicators
  • Gap between GMP and GPP
  • Implementation of GMP in Cannabis Practice
  • Confirming infrastructure meets the standard
  • Define where in the operation GPP (if applicable) vs GACP vs GMP applies
  • Quality Management System (QMS) updates
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation of quality programs
  • GMP into cannabis production and facility
  • GMP into cannabis good documentations and records
  • GMP into audit and inspections
  • GMP related investigations
  • Case studies

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Cannabis Production and Distribution

  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Master Grower
  • Head of Security
  • Responsible Person (RP)

Regulatory Compliance

  • Licence Producer/Consultant
  • Quality Assurance Person (QAP)


  • Public Health Professionals
  • Human Resources

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control (QC) Manager
  • Qualified Person in Charge (QPIC)
  • Alternative Quality Person in Charge (AQPIC)
  • Technical Writer

Research and Development (R&D), Analytical Development (AD)

  • Technician
  • Technologist
  • Analyst
  • Scientist


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    Production Technician, Apotex Inc.

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  • Dr.Taiwo Sonoiki

    Clinical Assistant

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  • Lorrein Muiruri, BSc., from UofT

    Clinical research Assistant, Inflamax Research Inc

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