Corporate Training for Cannabis

Cannabis Corporate Training

Cannabis Corporate Training

NACPT Pharma College (NACPT) provides corporate trainings for pharmaceutical, cannabis, and related sectors. NACPT has been working with start-up to large companies to provide various services including R&D, AD, QC, QA, QMS, Procedure Writing, Audit and Inspection, Project Management, Validation, Product Development, Process Improvement, Technology Transfer, Corporate Training and etc. Currently, we are providing corporate training for both international and domestic companies.

Why Choose NACPT?

Our highly qualified cannabis expert team works closely with a variety of pharmaceutical and cannabis companies to drive process and product improvements, quality results and lend an expert hand. NACPT enables you to recognize in-house and outsources cannabis expert teams to excel in your business in the pharmaceutical and cannabis space.

Cannabis Corporate Training

NACPT offers a wide range of unique corporate training to cannabis employers on key Health Canada topics such as Master Grower (MG), Quality Assurance Person (QAP), Responsible Person (RP) and Head of Security (HS). NACPT also provides training on plant science, GPP, GMP, GACP, GVP, GDP, GCP, analytical testing, growing and extraction techniques, implementing effective sanitation programs, developing cannabis process and system validation programs, preparing for audit and inspection, preparing for clinical testing, developing tissue culture, educating pharmacists, nurses and medical professionals, SOP writing, technical writing, designing Quality Management System (QMS) and Cannabis Project Management. NACPT offers on-campus training and on-site training for group of employees. Please contact NACPT for information at 416-412-7374 or

Corporate Training for:

Employers must provide adequate training for their employees in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our corporate training is industry-recognized and our credential satisfies the training requirements as per the Health Canada’s and other regulatory standards including Eu-GMP and FDA.

Understanding Master Grower Practices, Security Measures, Roles of Quality Assurance Person (QAP) and Responsible Person (RP), GxP, Good Production Practices (GPP), Eu- GMP, QMS and Quality Assurance (QA) procedures related to cannabis is the key to success in your business. NACPT has a very strong expert team working within all QMS, GMP and EU GMP as per cannabis, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture regulatory standards.

Focused Employees:

  • Master Grower
  • Quality Assurance Person
  • Head of Security
  • Responsible Person
  • Technicians
  • Technologists
  • Other employees

Trained on:

  • Quality Assurance for Cannabis
  • Master Grower Practices
  • Cannabis Head of Security
  • Facility Management
  • Cannabis Responsible Person
  • Cannabis Validation Programs
  • Cannabis Process Related Validation
  • Cannabis Preventive Control Plans
  • Cannabis Technical Procedures
  • Record Keeping and Complaint Procedures
  • Cannabis Effective Sanitation Programs
  • Cannabis Cleaning Validation
  • Cannabis Quality Management System
  • Eu-GMP Training
  • Good Production Practices (GPP)
  • Any custom requested training
  • and many more

Companies who have been obtaining our services:

Cannabis Corporate Training