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North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) is a career college that operates as a PCC under PCC Act, 2005. Currently, NACPT Pharma College has two campuses. The campuses are located in the heart of Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario.


NACPT College is a leading Canadian college that provides in-depth skill training in pharmaceutical, cannabis, business, technology and related fields in order to maximize the job and business opportunities within the target industries. For over ten years, NACPT has offered specialized in-depth skill training, graduate and post-graduate diploma programs in both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. In addition, NACPT has been offering various cannabis skills training and business incubation programs since 2017. NACPT Pharma College is affiliated and partnered with many leading pharmaceuticals, cannabis, technology, IT and related companies with the intention of providing job placement within the industry-related sectors.


With affiliations with highly reputable organizations, NACPT provides consulting services, research and development in the pharmaceutical, cannabis and other sectors.


NACPT Pharma College is an industry-recognized leader in cannabis training and was the first cannabis post-secondary diploma program approved in Canada as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 .  NACPT Pharma College won the Best Cultivation Educator Award from the Grow-Up Conference and Expo in which it was chosen amongst seven cannabis education providers including leading universities and colleges across North America.


NACPT Pharma College offers hands-on-training through a team of highly qualified and expert industrial specialists on the latest developments and technologies to help streamline the professional capabilities of our graduates. NACPT is well equipped with the required laboratory instruments and equipment which include HPLC 1100, Chemstation, HP 6890 GC with headspace, VK Dissolution Apparatus, Infra-Red Spectroscopy V838 and UV. The pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry landscape is rapidly evolving as there have been increasing improvements accompanied by stringent compliance standards required of the respective employees working in these industries. The most regulated areas are Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Method Development, Validation and Manufacturing Technology, Formulation, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Research. To meet such soaring demands, NACPT’s programs have been fine-tuned with impressive features that are precisely customized to be practical, scientific-industry oriented, career targeted, modern technologically driven and short-term.


We offer graduate diploma programs in cannabis commercial production, and quality control and quality assurance areas. The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology program covers master grower techniques, quality management systems, supply chain, biotechnological production methods, validation, edibles, infused product development, extraction techniques and all other production technology-related concepts. The Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance program covers all quality assurance systems for the cannabis sector, cannabis analytical and biological testing requirements, technical writing, audit and inspection, testing instrumentation and software training. In addition to the diploma training, NACPT also offers more than 20 fast-track cannabis certificates training including Master Grower Practices, Quality Assurance for Cannabis, Head of Security, Responsible Person, Cannabis Process Related Validation, GPP, Eu-GMP and more. Recently, NACPT Pharma College opened another division for IT, business and other technology-related sectors. Under this business and technology division, NACPT provides International Business Administration, Software Developer, Hospitality and Tourism, Payroll and Accounting and Medical Office Administration training programs.


As a team of industrial experts, NACPT provides job assistance to our graduates, newcomers, internationally trained professionals (medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, engineers and related profession), laid-off workers (second career), and Ontario Work and WSIB students. NACPT affiliated and connected with many pharmaceutical, cannabis, IT and business industries to provide a smooth job transition from our career-oriented skill training programs.


We have a very high success rate and love hearing success stories from our students. Click here to see numerous testimonials written by our graduates and trainees!



NACPT Pharma College was founded in 2009 by Rathi Paramasamy, a Validation Scientist, who had the vision to integrate a simulated industrial work environment into a vocational skill training setting. The vocational training’s overall purpose was to enhance students’ abilities to launch their post-degree professional careers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, cannabis, business, finance, hospitality, tourism, and technology industry. 



  1. 2009: The Validation Scientist, Rathi Paramasamy, founded and established the NACPT Pharma College corp., under the PCC Act 2005, Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU).
  2. 2009: NACPT Pharma College becomes the first private career college to offer a unique post-graduate diploma program in Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Modern Technology, which covers the skills set in both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors in QA, QC, Validation, Formulation, Technology Transfer, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research.
  3. 2010: NACPT Pharma College introduced two kinds of scholarship programs for graduates and internationally trained professionals (Scholarship for new recent graduates and newcomers)
  4. 2010: NACPT Pharma College became a member of Ontario Career Colleges. 
  5. 2011: Worked with Ontario Works to launch a unique skill training program called industrial clean, safe sanitization. It helped many Ontario Work clients to get back to the workforce within industrial sectors.
  6. 2011: NACPT Pharma College also Introduced a unique Job Development program for its graduates to increase employability to its graduates.
  7. 2012: Introduced three more pharmaceutical post-secondary programs 
  8. 2013: NACPT received its 1st international student from Dubai
  9. 2013: NACPT participated in the alternative career path event was hosted by skills for change with Citizenship of Immigration (CIC) for the internationally trained medical doctors
  10. 2014: NACPT was designated by Citizenship of Immigration (CIC) as a designated learning institution to recruit international students worldwide. So far, NACPT has welcomed students from the USA, UK, Dubai, India, Africa, and Italy.
  11. 2015: NACPT extended its wings to affiliate with international universities in various countries. It is affiliated with Bharath University and the University of Jaffna.
  12. 2015: NACPT represented Canadian career colleges in the world educational conference hosted by the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) held in New Delhi, India.
  13. 2017: NACPT integrated its skill training program in the Medical Cannabis sector.
  14. 2017: Organized Canada’s 1st Annual Medical Cannabis Educational Conference at McLeod Auditorium in Toronto, Downtown.
  15. 2018: Opened its second campus in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  16. 2018: Partnered with International Medical Cannabis Association.
  17. 2018: NACPT Pharma College becomes the first private career college in Canada to offer a ministry approved diploma program in Industrial Cannabis Production Technology and Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
  18. 2018: NACPT Pharma College becomes the first private career college in Canada to offer Master Grower Practices and Cannabis Process Related Validation and related training.
  19. 2019: NACPT Pharma College partnered with Cannabis Canada Retail Union to offer the Cannabis Fundamental and Retail Training. 
  20. 2020: NACPT Pharma College launched its Business and Technology division to offer International Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Payroll and Accounting and related programs.

Pharmaceutical Certificate Programs:


  • Certificate Programs that include over 100 courses in the areas of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Project Management, Validation, HPLC, GC, Software Training.


Cannabis Certificate Programs:


  • Certificate Programs that include Master Grower Practices, Advanced Quality Assurance for Cannabis, Cannabis Head of Security, Cannabis Responsible Person, Cannabis Process Related Validation, HPLC, GC-MS, Cannabis Software, and over 20 certificate training.


Workshops and Webinars:


  • Workshops and Free Live Webinar Programs on various pharmaceutical, cannabis, and business-related topics


Online Programs – Interactive Live Webinars and Recorded Webinars: 

Good Clinical Practices

Pharmaceutical Audit and Inspection

Pharmaceutical Process Performance Qualification (PPQ)

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

Pharmaceutical Packaging components and Packaging Validation

Master Grower Practices

Advanced Quality Assurance for Cannabis

Cannabis Head of Security

Cannabis Responsible Person

Introduction to Cannabis Validation

Cannabis Process Validation

Cannabis System Validation

Cannabis Sanitation Validation

Cannabis Health Canada’s Regulations and Licensing Process

EU-GMP for Cannabis

Preventive Control Plans for Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Good Production Practices 

Sanitation and Quality Control Testing for Cannabis

Technical Writing and Audit and Inspection for Cannabis


Corporate Training:


  • All the fast track certificate training can be offered to pharmaceuticals and cannabis companies. 




● In 2013, NACPT received the “Outstanding Graduate Award” for the healthcare sector by Ontario Career Colleges (OCC) amongst six leading career colleges across Canada.


● In 2019, received the “Best Cultivation Education” award amongst all major cannabis training institutions in Canada and the USA by the cannabis industry leaders, Grow-up conference.


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NACPT is a registered Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and the regulations made under the Act. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development is responsible for administering laws relating to education and skills training.

NACPT is an approved Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) provider. WSIB is an Ontario government agency that ensures employers contribute to a province-wide insurance fund.


NACPT is registered as a private career college and active member of National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) since 2010. NACC is a national association representing 500 regulated career colleges from across the country.


NACPT is registered as a private career college and active member of Career Colleges Ontario (COO) since 2004. COO is a not-for-profit association that supports post-secondary institutions and educational organizations in the province.


City of Toronto

NACPT has been working with the City of Toronto in various projects and activities since the year 2015.


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Award-Winning Institution as the “Best Cultivation Educator” amongst seven leading cannabis education providers across North America.

Awarded by Cannabis Industry Leaders.