The Cannabis Act indicates a number of key individuals that must be designated by license holders depending on the operational activities. These positions include Quality Assurance Person (QAP), Master Grower (MG), Head of Security (HS), and Responsible Person (RP), Head of R&D, and Head of Laboratory.


Every micro and standard license producer must have a designated  Master Grower (MG), Quality Assurance Person (QAP), Responsible Person (RP), and Head of Security (HS) who must obtain security clearance through the CTLS process.


Quality Assurance Person (QAP) is a highly responsible position within the company to oversee all quality-related activities and ensure everyone is complying with the regulation, processes, procedures, policies, protocols, and standards.


A Master Grower (MG) is responsible for the care and growth life cycle of cannabis plants in a large-scale commercial facility.


A Head of Security (HS) is responsible for all video surveillance systems, monitoring all access control and intrusion detection systems, and monitoring and reporting violations of overall safety and security procedures throughout the facility.


A Responsible Person (RP) has the overall responsibility for the activities in a cannabis facility and is the official point of contact with Health Canada and through the Cannabis Tracking & Licensing System (CTLS).  The RP title is technically a security clearance designation, which is unique to the cannabis industry. 


All the key personnel must have an appropriate level of educational qualification, adequate training, and relevant experience to be in the key roles. As per Health Canada’s guide,This may include letters of reference, a copy of a diploma or certificate and any other documentation supporting their qualifications, training, and experience”. The NACPT cannabis key personnel webinars are carefully curated to impart industry-relevant knowledge to be successful in the industry.

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