Cannabis Head of Security

Published On: August 9, 2019

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The Canadian and American cannabis industries have continued to grow since legalization with more and more people looking to get involved.
The industry has created many jobs from more entry level ‘bud-tender’ positions to skill-specific jobs such as Head of Security. Bud-tenders being the “face” or customer service aspect while security officers are required to carry firearms and maintain licensing.

What Does Cannabis Head of Security Do?

Security officers at dispensaries are responsible for being the first interaction with customers. On a daily basis they will do tasks such as checking the I.D of the clients and making sure they are age appropriate, maintaining safety and security of everyone on location and the assets on hand, transport of funds from dispensary, proper use of security systems, writing clear and concise incident reports, respond to all incidents by taking appropriate actions and communication with the management and more. The person obtaining this job should have a positive and friendly attitude and should be able to conduct themselves graciously in a way that reflects the company's core values.

What Qualifications/Background Does A Cannabis Head of Security Need?

The qualifications of a Cannabis Head of Security may differ depending on where exactly you live, you will however, need to consider the following…

-A clean criminal background check no older than 7 days
-Clear history of substance abuse and addiction
-A license to use firearms
-Passing a physical test and medical examination
-Maintaining cannabis specific security certification

In Ontario, Health Canada requires Licensed Producers (LP’s) to have a Head of Security on their team. With more and more cannabis companies popping up, the need for Cannabis Head of Security continues to grow. Becoming certified in Cannabis Head of Security gives you a one up against competition and helps to guarantee a position.

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