Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training

Quality Assurance for Cannabis




Inaugural price : $995

“Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training” is a comprehensive in-classroom program designed and developed to train Canada’s budtenders and store managers and owners of the future. The course includes thorough information and training on the safe sale and distribution of cannabis in Canada and fully educates those interested in, or already working on the front lines of the emerging cannabis retail industry.

The course involves up to 14 hours of in-class education over two days, including interactive mock-retail training to reinforce practical problem solving and customer service skills. Upon completion, students are able work effectively in a cannabis retail environment and apply best practices in safety, harm reduction, and customer service. This knowledge enables those already working in cannabis retail stores, or those new to the industry to speak and act intelligently and to properly educate consumers on making informed purchase decisions for cannabis and its derivatives.

Topics include:

  • Cannabis safety, laws & regulations
  • Getting to know cannabis
  • How cannabis works with the body
  • Safe cannabis handling
  • How to keep a clean cannabis retail location
  • The role of personal hygiene
  • Responsibility in harm reduction
  • Providing outstanding customer service and the art of budtending
  • Mock retail roleplaying and problem solving