Cannabis Edibles- Preventative Control Plans

Published On: December 22, 2019

Manufacturing cannabis edibles can be a fun and exciting career. One that allows the chance to get creative in the kitchen while helping others achieve the desired effect-- medicinal or recreational.

It won't be long until those of us living in Ontario, Canada will be able to purchase both THC and CBD edibles from the OCS website and in legal dispensaries.

Those who wish to sell edibles commercially must follow strict rules made by Health Canada.

Those who wish to make commercial cannabis edibles must develop, maintain and implement a Preventative Control Plan (PCP). A PCP shows that you have done a risk assessment for each and every aspect of your business. It requires one to showcase the controls they have put in place to prevent any identified risks. A PCP will help ensure the safety of the consumer.

To create a PCP one will need a team of experts who can easily identify possible risks from every aspect of the production (pre-cooking cleanliness, baking, production, packaging, etc). It is very important for the management team to be involved in this process from step one. This will allow for the most effective execution. Furthermore, it is required that all staff know and understand what preventative measures are in place for these products.

Your PCP will need to be updated any time you make changes to the production of your edibles. Changes include using different ingredients, formulations, personnel responsibilities, regulatory requirements, etc. 

To learn more about how to create a successful PCP, join us for our Edibles Preventative Control Plans Workshop here...