Canada’s First Cannabis Post Secondary Diploma Programs

Published On: May 16, 2019

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NACPT Pharma College welcomes its up-coming batch of future cannabis industry leaders, and officially launched its Industrial Cannabis Production Technology and Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance (Graduate Diploma) programs at its Toronto campus on November 19th 2018.

The programs are Canada’s first post-secondary diploma credentials in industrial cannabis production technology, cannabis quality assurance and quality control. These programs will prepare students for successful careers in the country’s rapidly growing cannabis industry. NACPT Pharma College selects only twenty-five students per batch from a pool of more than 100 applicants. Students in the Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance program will receive hands-on training on laboratory instruments such as HPLC, GC, Dissolution Apparatus and other major instrumentations, while gaining experience in laboratory testing, including assay, dissolution, disintegration, residual solvents, loss on dry and other chemical analysis. Students in the Industrial Cannabis Production Technology program will receive hands-on training in cultivation, extraction, and cultural practices of cannabis production, including plant nutrition, environment, lighting, climate control, pest control, and production technology.

Both Cannabis diploma programs will also provide training on the complex regulatory framework that governs the industry in Canada. “The education and training in the booming cannabis industry is essential to anyone who wants to start a business or develop an interesting career in an industry which will not be easily saturated for another century,” said NACPT Pharma College president Rathi Param. “The newly created jobs in cannabis space are in high demand and there are shortages of skilled workforce in the industry. Licensed producers are struggling to find skilled workers to fulfill their hiring needs. We’re pleased today to celebrate a pioneering moment for NACPT Pharma College, and for postsecondary cannabis diploma education in Canada.”

The introduction of the program is the result of extensive consultation that NACPT Pharma College has conducted with Licensed Producers and cannabis related industries such as cannabis cosmetic, edibles, medical device, testing laboratories, research and development over the past several years. As the result of the consultations, we realized that there is a growing demand for highly skilled and expertly trained professionals to lead and guide Canada’s emerging cannabis sector.

Students in the Industrial Cannabis Production Technology and Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs will also benefit from these strong connections between NACPT Pharma College and industry leading licensed producers of cannabis. Since announcing the program, the College has formed partnerships with several industry leading licensed producers such as Green Amber Canada, Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance, Grow Legally and many more – partnerships that have opened doors for internships and work placement opportunities for students. NACPT Pharma College invites local and international students to the newly launched programs at NACPT Pharma College.

NACPT Pharma College’s Industrial Cannabis Production Technology (Graduate diploma) and Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs are open to applicants who possess a diploma or degree in the areas of horticulture, greenhouse technology, agricultural sciences, plant sciences, biology, chemistry or a related discipline.

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